Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How Does It Feeeeeeel...to Get a Priceless Collectible at a Great Price?

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity alert!

Listen up, Drunkards: Bob Dylan's hand-written lyrics to "Like a Rolling Stone" just sold at auction for more than two million dollars.

Admit it: the best thing you've ever written on
free hotel stationery was some penis doodles and
the hotel's wifi password.
Well, obviously you missed out on that sale. But fear not! I have an even better deal for you.

If you head over to Ebay right now, you'll find something I modestly call awesome awaiting your bidding dollars.

My hand-written lyrics to "Like a Rolling Stone."

Check out the listing here, guys.

Yes, I've written out the lyrics to this amazing Dylan song - mostly from memory, but I had to look up a couple of lines I forgot - in my own handwriting on my own yellow notepad that I stole from work. And I'm putting them up for sale. Because I love you guys.

Check this out:

No bullshit, man, that's my actual handwriting. And Dylan's actual lyrics, to which I claim no legal right, so please don't sue me, Bob Dylan, Inc. There's virtually no difference between this item and the one that Sotheby's sold for for two mil.

Except the price. What.

I'm sure Dylan wrote a song about making it rain at some point.
Dude's been around for freaking ever.
That's right: You're not gonna pay $2 million. You're not gonna pay $1 million. The opening bid for this valuable (some would say priceless) article is a mere 99 cents American. You heard me. I can't control how high the bidding goes. But I can guarantee that if you're the only sap who bids on this item, you will get it for 99 cents.

Of course, it could go higher. How much higher?

Well, shit, I don't know.

You might get in a bidding war with Kanye.
All bets are off then, bro.
The important thing is that you visit my listing on Ebay RIGHT NOW DAMMIT and place your bid. Did I mention that shipping is FREE? Damn, that's a good deal.

Here's the link again.

Here's another picture.

Again: Only one of these in existence.
Oh, and a portion of the proceeds will go to Operation Kindness, a no-kill animal shelter in Carrollton, Texas. And the rest will go to me.

Bid, mofos. Bid.

Don't let this moment pass you by. Like a rolling stone.


  1. Back in the day, Dad introduced me to the music of Bobs Dylan and Marley. We would ride around in his pick up truck trying to out-Dylan each other to the cassette of Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits. Eeeeeeeeverybody muuuuuust geeeeet stooooooooooned. What I'm saying is, I too could write out the lyrics to Like A Rolling Stone. Although, with my atrocious handwriting, I'd be better to type them.

  2. OMG..this is brilliant.

    You. Are. Gonna. Be. Rich.

    I'm going to hold out for your hand written lyrics to 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' though..


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