Wednesday, May 21, 2014

You Do'nt Have to Be Smart to Be Amrecian

Free speech is guaranteed by the U.S Constitution.

Even this complete bullshit.
I would not for the world advocate any restrictions on Americans' right to freely express their opinions. It is that expression that allows us all to characterize our true selves without fear of censure or reprisal.

Here's what free speech says about some of us:

We love Amercia.
And its offical language.
Which you should totally learn. No, yeah, you.
We love our goverment. (This is the more formal version
of the commonly accepted "gubmint.")
This of course is the contraction for "didunt."
And this is the contraction for "dumbass says not."
There are many locations where France is not,
actually. I guess I'm not hip enough to
get your reference.
Totally not hip enough to grok this one.
The highest descent is patriotic...
See, you have to be smart to be Amrecian.
God bless America. The God who hates fags, Obamacare, and gays, of course. He's the one who guarantees free speech. Don't be fooled by imitation Gods who love the meek and accept the different. Fuck that God. And Democrats. Also, patriotism.


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