Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thanks, Blogger

So I started a really funny, topical post earlier today.

But Blogger is being a dick.

I can't post pictures, I can't properly format text, and I'm just generally getting more and more frustrated that I'm not getting my money's worth out of a free service.

****there would be a funny picture here if Blogger weren't being a dick****

On the other hand, I hear that Jenny Lawson and Allie Brosh are both working on their second books. Which is fabulous, because I love them both so much.

****there totally would not be a picture of me gnashing my teeth here if Blogger weren't being a dick****

And I'm totally not thinking of the Doctor Who episode where Vincent Van Gogh finally gets to hear someone say that he's the greatest artist ever, more than a hundred years after he dies an abject failure.

****there would absolutely be a screenshot from that episode here if Blogger weren't being a dick****

Oh yes, and I'm not wondering how I'm ever going to post the story of Tabitha and me if I can't put up any pictures. (Huge surprise: Blogger didn't want to let me link to the post.)

The answer to all of these conundrums, of course, is that I'll continue to write here, even if every post is dull, bland, boring, mediocre, and lacking links and images. Because you see, I have nothing better to do.

Sorry this post isn't pretty.

****there would be something pretty, or perhaps something ironically ugly, if Blogger weren't being a dick****

I'll laugh about this when I'm a renowned writer. Or when I die in obscurity. Whichever comes first.

I'm taking bets.

Thanks, Blogger.


  1. Must be your site. I'm not seeing any such problems on mine. Blogger must be having a joke at your expense. Sorry about that.

    Or maybe it's your internet connection? Blogger does this kind of thing if the net's too slow.

    I've about reached the point where I'm going to release my two unpublished novels, and any future ones I may write, online for free reading. It's better to be read at all than labour and not be seen.

  2. Jeneral InsanityMay 9, 2014 at 2:54 AM

    SWITCH TO WORDPRESS!!! I mean - I despise the "free" version, which is why I haven't posted anything lately, but the paid version is AMAZEBALLS and rarely has issues. DEW EET! Plus: I'd get you in my reader, which is super handy for a slacky-stalker like me...

  3. I blame it on an "upgrade". That seems to be a big thing with computer people. Their motto is "if it ain't broke fuck with it until it is."

    Of course you've worked in an office so you probably know that some IT people are amazing and wonderful and happy to share their knowledge and do their best to fix problems...and some are contemptuous of puny humans who don't know how to write UNIX code and who insist on upgrading to a new version every other day.

    If these people designed cars the difference between last year's model and this year's model is in this year's model the accelerator and brake pedals would be reversed and different shapes, and the steering wheel would be in the back seat.

  4. Here here I concur! I'm way too lazy to change anything but often I get frustrated trying to upload pictures and just type "see my pinterest board for photos." there is no way anyone does that.


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