Monday, March 10, 2014

Things to Do While You Drink

Pop quiz, Drunkards.

Are you ready?
The topic is: Chuck Baudelaire. Duh. My blog, my quiz, my ego. It's just one question, though. Can you handle it?

When I get my drink on, do I:

a) eat an entire bag of PB&J trail mix, which I totally finally found at Target after weeks of searching.
b) drunk-message my therapist.
c) Facebook-stalk alternative rock stars.
d) all of the above.

Take a wild guess. Hint: Who knew the lead singer of the Toadies was such a nice guy?

Also, my therapist is really understanding. And PB&J trail mix is delicious.

Did you get it?

Anyway, these are all viable things you can do when you drink. Try them all. You're welcome.


  1. I bet the whole band is uber-cool to hang around with. I bet Bowling For Soup is, too. Let's drink and find out! :)

    Note to self: go to Target for the PB&J trail mix, because it sounds DIVINE!

  2. Wow. The next time I knock back a few too many bottles of Horn Dog, which is ridiculously easy to do, I'm totally going after Victor Krummenacher. Because bassists are cool. Maybe he'll even agree to be my therapist. Sometimes I think I could use one.

    And I've been boycotting the Target closest to me ever since they stopped carrying a fine selection of ales and stouts and replaced them with thirty flavors of Budweiser. Maybe I can find something akin to PB&J trail mix at World Market.

  3. Ewww, Budweiser. (Hint: I think they sell Archer Farms trail mix on Amazon)

  4. Did you ask your therapist to be careful not to leave a space between the e and the r?


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