Thursday, March 20, 2014

Simple Pleasures

Both of my cats have joined me in my room tonight. This is roughly akin to having both Robert De Niro and Al Pacino show up at your backyard cookout.

In that it's completely unexpected
as well as totally awesome.
Also, I'm reflecting on the fact that Bill the Butcher aka Raghead, loyal Drunkard whom I think I love a little, gave me an incredibly sweet shoutout on a blog we both frequent. Bill, I am truly humbled by your regard for me. Spoiler alert: you're probably wasting your time, but I am so damned pleased to have you ride along with me in the blogosphere.

Ya filthy sadist.
Oh, and this is the color I'm painting my kitchen:

Glidden Buttered Sweet Corn, FYI.
Such a happy color, yes?

Finally, Spring started today. In Texas that means several weeks of tornado warnings followed by five months of oven-like temperatures, but for all of my loved ones in the deep freeze, it means hope that they will wear shorts and sandals once more. Also tulips.

Who doesn't love tulips?
Let us remember, my dear friends, that grief is complicated, but joy is simple. Don't forget to feel joy. And don't forget to be grateful to those who bring you joy.

Thanks, Drunkards. I could not keep doing this without you.

And Joe Biden. Simple pleasures, you guys. Enjoy them where you can.

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  1. Ooh yeah, I love filthy sadism :D

    On a teeny ickle bit more serious note, did you know that yellow used to be reserved for the Emperor in China? So now we can call you the Chucklaire Emperor.

    Or, you know, Empress. Like it matters in this unisex age.


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