Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Own Perfect Day

With apologies to Lou Reed, who is dead and still has had a better 24 hours than I have, here is a song about my day, to the tune of "Perfect Day." Enjoy.

Just a perfect day
Had a big fight with my ex
And then later
He tried to make up, I'm confused.

Just a perfect day
Canceled a happy hour
But someone
Didn't hear, and showed up.

Oh, it's such a perfect day
Some idiot kid hit my car
Oh, such a perfect day
And I'm out of vodka, too
And I'm out of vodka, too.

Fucking perfect day
I guess I'm all alone
My boyfriend's got problems
Of his own.

Just a perfect day
I let my daughter down
She thought I was
Someone else, a good mom.

Oh, it's just such a perfect day
I'll bet they total my car
I have no extra cash
To replace it when it's gone
To replace it when it's gone.

New cars aren't cheap, if you don't know.
That stupid creep, eyes on his phone.
Just want to sleep, sad and alone.
I guess I've reaped just what I've sown.

Here, listen to the original. It's much happier.


  1. You're still alive and healthy and nobody's trying to cause you physical harm. You have access to safe drinking water, food and shelter. So, no comfort though it is, it *could* be worse.

    Here's a hug if you want one. (((((((((((:))))))))))

    And I'll bet you do.

  2. Heavenly Earlobes (Steph)March 20, 2014 at 7:43 AM

    *hugs* to you, Esther! Sorry to hear you had such a crap day. I'll share a mantra I inherited from a workplace friend: It won't always be like this.

    Here's hoping today is better. <3


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