Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Daughter Made Me Do It

So Precocious Daughter and I are in the midst of Best Picture Blitz 2014. We're trying to see all nine of the movies nominated for the Best Picture Oscar.

All nine of them.

American Hustle
Captain Phillips
Dallas Buyers Club
12 Years a Slave
The Wolf of Wall Street
So far we've seen - and I've written about - American Hustle, Captain Phillips, and August: Osage County.
Wait a minute.

 August: Osage County is not nominated for Best Picture.
Bill the Butcher, you're exempt from my ire, as I know your feelings about Hollywood. The rest of you let my daughter con me into seeing a movie that was not on the list.
This is deeply upsetting to my chi.
I know why she did it. She wants to see everything that has Benedict Cumberbatch in it. Even if he has a very small part and is a weenie of a character who drops completely out of the movie with no resolution to his storyline.
I can't believe all of you (except Bill) were complicit in this chicanery.
But it is nominated for two awards (Actress and Supporting Actress, of course), so it wasn't a total wash. And it was a damn good movie.
So...PDaughter and I have seen two, not three, of the Best Picture Nominees.
She is so tricky.

Next up is Dallas Buyers Club.
*checks list*
Yes, Dallas Buyers Club.


  1. Tricksy little daughter-ses... I honestly have no clue what all is up for awards. I'm sorry- had I known, I would have TOTALLY ratted her out. Because I'm a snitch like that.But I think that as long as you both liked it, and you enjoyed spending time with your squid, then it is not bust. Think of it as a freebie and you now owe her one. :)

  2. Heeheeheeheehee! Please tell PD that I said, "Well played, PD. Well played."


  3. What have I watched recently? Well, John Rabe and Burnt By The Sun. The latter's not just an Oscar winner but occupies a special place in my favour since I read the script of it while learning Russian. This is the first time I actually watched it, though.

  4. Wait...August Osage County is a serious drama full of heavy-hitting actors. And even though How is it not nominated for Best Picture? How could The Wolf of Wall Street, which is three hours of people with no redeeming qualities proving that they have no redeeming qualities be nominated for Best Picture while August Osage County doesn't make the cut?

    And there used to be only five nominees. Then it was ten. When did it go back to nine?

    In spite of all my protestations I can only ask that you humbly forgive me for not spotting your daughter's chicanery.

    Enjoy Dallas Buyer's Club. If you're like me you'll be unsettled to hear Matthew McConaughey's voice coming out of someone who looks nothing like him.


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