Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Calling Blogger Bloggers

Is anyone else having problems with their BlogSpot blog?

It won't let me upload images. At all.

That's why I did a post of all ASCII drawings last night.

I thought the problem would be solved today.

But it's not.

And I should totally be able to write a post without illustrating it with goofy pictures and silly captions.

But I'm so pissed off that it won't let me that I can't do it.

Anyway, is anyone else having this problem?

Because I'm wearing an angry face right now.

Which I totally can't show you because I can't upload images.


  1. I haven't tried to upload images the last two days, but since the last two days I'm unable to log on to Blogspot from my cell phone.

  2. Yes! Another blogger was having issues w pictures on Blogger this week. I'm on Blogger and it's been very wonky lately. I almost always get error messages trying to post, sometimes trying to upload images and visually icons will be random places once I do post. I have been meaning tobut email them about it, but I wasn't sure how much was my craptop laptop.

  3. That sucks. I hate blog issues. I'm lucky to have hubs and one of his business associates to work on mine when it acts up..

  4. Well, I posted something today, and an image I uploaded from the computer worked all right.

  5. My existing images are all screwed up. I haven't even attempted to upload anything new.

  6. This problem popped up for me today. I found your post while trying to troubleshoot. Instead of the usual window with the upload button, I get some weird window that will only allow me to attach google documents or spreadsheets from my computer. (or a blank window) The video button won't work either. Google wasn't working at all for a few hours yesterday morning and I wonder if this problem is related somehow.


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