Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Can't Even Think About This

Drunkards! Do you know what I'm doing next Friday?

My friend BekS and I are going to see Willie Nelson in concert.


I admit, I was a bit tipsy when I agreed to go to this show a few months back. Because...Willie Nelson! Why the hell do I get the privilege to see this living legend perform live? The prospect is so dizzying that I've been mentally trying to talk myself out of going for several days now.

Also because it will involve a road trip, and socializing, and being in a room full of people.

Basically, the entire business is nightmare fuel. Except that it's WILLIE NELSON.

Who has earned every goddamned line and crease.
I resisted being a fan of Willie's for many years. Country music? Not my thing. But Willie wrote "Crazy" and "Whispering Hope" and "Uncloudy Day" and "Hello Walls" and "Bloody Mary Morning." Great, great, magnificent songs. And Willie is an American hero, no lie.

And Bek asked me to go. And we previously saw William Shatner's one man show, and saw Peter Tork in an amazing performance. And she gets me. So if Bek says, "Let's go see Willie," I'm going.

Also, he's 80 years old, and if I don't see him next Friday he maybe drops dead and I never get to say I saw this legend perform live.

How sad would that be?
So next Friday, unless I have a complete meltdown, I'm going to see Willie Nelson in concert.

Please encourage me so I don't do something stupid like pretend I have an attack of gout or suddenly got Jesus or something.

And please pray Willie is alive and healthy and ready to kick ass on November 22.

Because this will be one of those experiences I will be so glad someone forced me to have.

You know?

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  1. Nice Neapolitan mastiff puppy. I'm no fan of Mr Nelson or of country music but I'm a sucker for Neapolitan mastiffs.


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