Monday, November 25, 2013

Back to the Future

The other night, whilst deep in a funk, I wrote a post wondering about the future.

I may or not have been wallowing in self-pity.
I'm not saying.
I want to thank you, my lovely Drunkards, for the nice things you said to me in comments, Facebook posts, and e-mails. You made my self-indulgent rhetorical ramblings seem less like a pathetic plea for sympathy and more like half a caring and funny conversation about what life holds.

And especially Christopher Waldrop and Simoree, whose comments on the original post made me smile so big.

Almost just that big.
Well, as often happens, the day before yesterday's tomorrow is now today's yesterday. And I can tell you the answers to the questions I posed as they actually happened.

They're not all that fascinating, really. But enough of you cared that I figured I'd share them.

The Questions I Posed and the Answers I Found

So if you live in any time zone east of me, it's already Precocious Daughter's 14th birthday. Tell me...does it go well? Does she like the new clarinet I just spent my life's savings to buy her?

I'm happy to report that PDaughter's birthday was most excellent. She loves her new clarinet. Although she had sussed out that she was getting a clarinet, she thought she was getting a used, slightly scratch-and-dent model. But she got a brand-spanking-new one, and she loves it. Frankly, it would have been wiser for me to get the second-hand instrument and keep the extra cash for the rainy days I know lie ahead. But did I mention she loves it?

Do the Giants beat the Cowboys?

Holy shit, the Cowboys beat the Giants. Which only goes to show that you should never, ever give up, because the craziest things can happen.

Also...suck it, Eli.

Are the three members of Willie Nelson's band who were injured in a bus crash just hours after I saw them give a great show doing OK?

Yes, thank goodness. Paul and Billy English and Tom Hawkins are going to be fine. I feel as if they're family now, and I'm sending them mad love.

Do I get over having my heart broken?

Turns out it wasn't broken. It's tough like that.

So I'll see you guys later. You know, in the future. It's pretty bright, I think we'll all be able to find it.


  1. Here's something that makes the future even brighter: eventually we'll develop time travel, and Precocious Daughter will be able to go back to 1913 and play that amazing new clarinet in the original performance of Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring".

    The clarinet solo caused Camille St.Saens to mutter, "He's insane" over and over again. Anything that makes a guy who has the audacity to call himself "Camille" call someone else insane is a good thing.

    Also...keep on sucking it, Eli.


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