Monday, October 7, 2013

Precocious Daughter Apparently Does Not Read My Blog

Actual verbatim conversation between me and Precocious Daughter re: my recent consideration of  getting a tattoo.

(We've just passed an acupuncture place in the mall.)

PD: I can't believe people get needles stuck into them to feel better.

Me: I know. I've considered getting a tattoo, but the thought of the needles in my skin is tough.

PD: Yeah.

Me: I mean, it would just be a little one, but still...needles.

PD: I know, right?

Me: BekS said she'd take me.

PD: What?

Me: To the tattoo place.

PD: What?

Me: BekS said she'd take me to get a tattoo.

PD: You mean you've considered it now?

Me: Yes, now. When else?

PD: I thought you meant you considered it when you were young.

Me: I totally never considered it when I was young! It was out of the question when I was young.

PD: Then why do you want to do it now?

Me: I don't know. I just do. Maybe.

PD: OK, now you're just getting weird.

Me: What's weird? Lots of people get tattoos.

PD: Sure, when they're young.

Me: Your aunt has a tattoo.

PD: Yes, but she didn't get it now.

Me: No, but she didn't get it in her 20s, either. (Actually, I have no idea if this is true. I don't know when my sister got her tattoo. It just showed up one day.)

PD: Where would you put it?

Me: Somewhere inconspicuous, where people couldn't see it.

PD: Then why bother to get one? (Here's the part where I bit my tongue instead of saying, "Well, the right people would see it, duh." TMI for a 13-year-old, probably?)

Me: I don't know, I just think it would be cool.

PD: (Silence as we walk out of the mall.)

Me: I'm thinking of getting a skull with a dagger dripping blood going through its eye socket being carried by an eagle.

PD: Yeah, right.

Me: Or maybe a Pokemon.

PD: That would be cool. (Note, her tone did not in any way convey that she thought it would be cool.)

Me: Anyway, I'm just thinking about it. Needles depositing ink in my flesh and all.

PD: Are you just doing this to satisfy your emotional need to rebel?

Me: No. Maybe. Get in the car.


OMG, I love being that mom.


  1. That girl is wise beyond her years. I love her.

    Good job, Mom. <3

  2. HAHAHHA...and you're never too old for a tattoo. It hurts..but it's not that bad


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