Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tokens of My Affection

RIP, Monopoly iron.

Go smoothly into that good night.

Based on the results of online voting, Hasbro announced today that the venerable iron, one of the original Monopoly playing pieces, will be retired. It lagged behind the shoe and the wheelbarrow, the other tokens at the bottom of the virtual pecking order.

Personally, I'd hoped it would be the wheelbarrow.
I never quite trusted the wheelbarrow.
I suppose now the hoarding of iron tokens around the world will begin. They're sure to shoot up in value once they're taken out of production. They'll be popping up on eBay, selling at ridiculously inflated prices to idiots who will buy anything perceived to be remotely collectible.

Um, yeah, that was supposed to be a joke, people.
Well, I have at least two Monopoly games at my house, each with an iron, and they're not going anywhere. I mean, how often do you have to replace a Monopoly game? It's like your grandma's crockpot that's harvest gold and covered with 1970s mushrooms, because crockpots never wear out. Unless you're jonesing for the new playing piece, you're not going to buy a new Monopoly game unless your house burns down or your spouse takes the old one in a divorce.

Leaving not so much as a pink five-dollar bill.
And just what is the new playing piece?

Well, the vote did take place on the Internets, after all.

Wanna see what came in second place?

Me gusta!
Also personally, I would have chosen:

Because after all, one does not simply go directly to jail.


  1. love Monopoly!

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  5. Monotony is death, might as well make a razor blade the new token so I can shorten the playing time. Seriously, I play a lot of dusty old games from the 60's, 70's, and 80's that involve way over-engineered rules to justify adults playing games and Monopoly (even played correctly) is about one of the worst family games ever. I'm so glad family night now has Pandemic, Shadows Over Camelot, or Ticket to Ride these days.


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