Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hug Your Kitties

In the last few days, two cats of my acquaintance passed away.

Yes, you're supposed to tear up.
Their humans are very dear to me, and so were their kitties. I've lost a feline companion in the past - the incomparable Sam the Cat - and I know that the sense of loss far outweighs their diminutive size.

Sleep well, kitty.
I have two marvelous cats - the senior Tuxedo Cat, and the irrepressible Siamese Kitten. The Tuxedo Cat is 14 now, healthy and full of attitude, but life is fragile. And the "kitten" will be seven this year. I want them both to live forever.

Eternal bellyrubs.
Nothing lives forever. No one lives forever. No matter how much we love them.

So love your kitties. And everyone else who loves you.

With a cherry on top.
Rest in piece, little pusskers.

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