Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pre-Grammy Observations

The Grammys are Sunday night. Precocious Daughter will be watching, so I will be, too.

I'll spare you the old-lady rant about how I don't know who half these people are and I can't believe they call some of this stuff music.

Quite right. In my day, we had Billy Ocean.
Now they have Frank Ocean.
I actually like a lot of new music. In fact, I probably like contemporary music now better than I liked it when I was PDaughter's age. When I was a kid in the 80s, I was obsessed with music from the 60s. That would be like PDaughter being obsessed with music from the 90s now.

We just don't need that.
So we'll be watching. And maybe I won't have heard of half the acts or recognize a lot of the songs. At the very least I'll be educated. And I'll get to embarrass my kid by randomly shouting out, "LL Cool J! Now that's kicking it old school, yo!"

Anyway, here are a few random observations about this year's Grammy nominees.

- I totally discovered fun. before anyone else did. I just want to put that out there.

- I may not be hip and cool, but I would never presume to sing a song about a payphone in the 21st century, which officially makes me hipper and cooler than Maroon 5 and/or Wiz Khalifa.

But I do concede that Adam Levine is still
way, way prettier than I am.
- I'm really looking forward to hearing the nominees announced for Best Rap Performance, if only to see how they handle the track "N****s in Paris." Is it too much to wish for Chevy Chase to be the presenter?

- Did you know there's a Grammy category called "Best Improvised Jazz Solo"? Well, there is. I call shenanigans. At the very least, if you can win a Grammy for making up stuff as you go, then I demand to win one for how I'm raising my child.

- They still give out Grammys for music videos. I don't even have a joke for that. I'm just amazed.

- If "Man or Muppet" doesn't win in the "Best Song Written for Visual Media Category," I'm boycotting the whole rest of the show. That song is awesome.

- LL Cool J? Now that's kickin' it old school, yo.

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  1. I don't know who half of the nominees are either and I question how they can give out an award for something improvised on the spot...maybe I'll borrow my kid's trumpet and get nominated next year lol


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