Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Unhappy Kitty Christmas

We put a Christmas decoration on the TV's satellite box. It's a lovely ceramic music box that a former boss gave me years ago.

This old photo is hilariously frightening,
but it's actually very close to how
the music box looks. Kind of creepy,
now that I think about it.

The Siamese kitten hates it.

Because the satellite box is her domain. She practically lives on it, especially when the weather turns cold. She'll curl up and sleep on that box for hours on end.

Except now there's a largish Christmas decoration where her furry rump usually goes. This was NOT my idea, for the record. In fact, I specifically said we couldn't put anything on the satellite box because it would put the Siamese kitten's nose out of joint.

Simulated angry Siamese.
But Beloved Spouse insisted the TV credenza looked "unbalanced" without something on that side. I said it wouldn't be unbalanced with the Meezer in her rightful place. But I lost the argument and ended up placing the music box on the satellite thingie. I tried to place it in the corner to give the Siamese kitten room to curl up, but I lost that one, too.

Christmas turf wars are a bitch.

But this I like.
Anyway, about 10 minutes ago, the Siamese kitten did jump up to her accustomed spot on the satellite box. And proceeded to position herself awkwardly around the interloper she found there. It's hard for cats to ever look awkward - graceful little beasts they be - but I think she did it on purpose, to make a point. It was pretty pathetic, to her credit.

And it worked. BelSpouse caved in and let Precocious Daughter remove the music box. At which point the Siamese kitten magically unfolded and expanded, like one of those little capsule sponges you put in water and it turns into a really subpar approximation of a dinosaur. Exept she turned into a full-size cat who for looks for all intents and purposes like a kitty who climbed on top of the TV credenza, stretched out, and died with a smile on her face.

It looks very balanced. And it's entirely possible she won't move until after New Year's, so she's serving the same purpose as a decoration.

And of course, it could be much, much worse for her.

Meowy Christmas. :)

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