Thursday, November 8, 2012

20 Reasons Why My Child Is Too Good for Me

Have I ever mentioned my Precocious Daughter in this space?

Maybe once or twice?
Today I don't want to rant about politics or religion or candy bars or douchebags. I just want to tell you why I think my just-about-13-year-old daughter is the most awesome person ever.

1. She recently added more Elton John songs to our Rhapsody library because she didn't think we had enough.

2. She keeps bugging me to rent or buy The Benny Goodman Story because she loves the idea of a movie whose hero is a clarinet player.

3. She rolls her eyes every time I quote my all-time favorite line from "The Simpsons" and burst out in inappropriate laughter, but she never tells me to stop. (It's this.)

4. Every so often she begs me to buy donuts. (And I do...duh.)

5. She makes herself ramen when she gets hungry.

6. She offers to let me win at Wii Tennis, but when I tell her not to, she totally whips my butt.

7. If I tell her we can't afford something she wants to buy/do/see, she always says, "That's OK." (*snif*)

8. She loves to watch drum and bugle corps performances.

9. She enjoys my Tim Gunn impression.

10. She is an amazingly calm, patient, and diligent guinea pig mom. Sometimes she talks to her pig the same way I talked to her when she was a baby. (*snif snif*)

11. When we watch "Friends" repeats together, she pretends not to hear and/or understand the totally inappropriate sex jokes.

12. She lets me borrow money from her and charges a reasonable interest rate.

13. When I take her to the liquor store, she has no problem loudly announcing, "Didn't you just buy vodka ___ days ago??"

14. She loves the Beatles.

15. She loves Metropolis and has the Giorgio Moroder soundtrack on her iPod. You may know that she attended a midnight showing with me and Bestest Friend about a year ago. :)

16. She always - always - knows exactly when to say, "It's OK, Mommy."

17. From the time she was a toddler, she's always loved coming to work with me and has made me look damn good in the process. The job I'm starting next week will reuinite me with my boss from about five years ago, and I'm so psyched to have her see PDaughter now.

18. I know all moms say this, but she's beautiful. She's beautiful inside and out.

19. I always tell her when I'm doing a live-blogging event on my Facebook page, and the next morning she always asks me how it went.

20. Even if she knew I was posting this, she would just shake her head, smile indulgently, and say "Oh, Mommy." Because she gets me.

Bottom line: I love my little girl, more than absolutely anything in the whole world. Mostly because she knows me and loves me anyway. Isn't that what motherhood is all about?

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