Sunday, October 7, 2012

Good Things Sunday

This post is for me. If it helps you, too, you're welcome. Mostly I just need a postful of good things to buck me up a little today. You know how sometimes you wake up and there's a hole in your heart where you need good things to go? Here are some that I'm going to stuff into mine. But I think there's enough to share if you want.

Here's a picture I posted on my Facebook page this morning. It's from, Which is exactly what a website called should be. Score one for truth on the Interwebs.

This is Pusheen the Cat. Of all the cats on the Web, he is the best one. For realz. Go check out his blog if you don't believe me.

This is vodka-related. So that's helpful. But you know, don't drink and drive, kids.

Also vodka-related, as well as generally alcohol-related: these practical charts for knowing how to maximize your drinking pleasure. They're from this very useful page. It also helps me justify my ongoing failure to lose weight as an act of self-preservation. Those extra pounds are there to keep me from drinking myself to death.

This cartoon made me laugh:

And this cake that I saw on very nearly made me cry. If I ever actually received a Kermit the Frog cake, I totally would cry. Because Kermit the Frog cake.

David Zinn is an artist who creates amazing and adorable chalk drawings all over Ann Arbor, Michigan, like this one:

Corgis can be very inspirational:

And finally, from my favorite Facebook page, Can This Poodle Wearing a Tinfoil Hat Get More Fans Than Glenn Beck?, a little debate humor:

All right, all right...equal time, more or less. Seriously, did the Prez forget to DVR Jimmy Fallon or something?

That about wraps it up. I hope your day is full of good things. Don't forget to share them. There's always someone out there who needs to feel less alone.

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