Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shit My Job Says: Three Blind Mouse Clicks

You know how much I love conference calls.

This much.
If you don't know how much I love conference calls, read this to find out how much I love conference calls.

Soooo...Teleconference today to review a new equipment ordering process. Audio and video. Bitchin'. Webex invitations were sent out in advance, along with a copy of the written procedure. Everyone is on the phone and sitting in front of a computer at his or her respective location to follow along.

Here's how long it took for the session to go completely off the rails.

Call host: Is everyone looking at my screen on their computer and reading along with the written procedure?

All particpants: Yes.

CH: OK, then. As you can see, we've set up a special account for ordering parts called "Electric Boogaloo" (not actually the real name...duh). So first, you open that account. (mouse click)

CH: Next you click on "Orders" to get to the ordering screen. (mouse click)

CH: Then, to place a new order, click on "Place New Order." (mouse click)

CH: Is everybody following along so far?

Remote Participant #1: How did you get to that screen?

RP #2: I am completely lost.

RP #3: I never got the email with the written procedure.

RP #4: I never got the Webex invitation.

RP #5: What are we looking at?

RP #6: Is this something we're supposed to be doing?


Level 6 facepalm through the back of the skull.
CH: (Dead silence.)

RP #3: OK, I just got the email. Can we start over?

Three mouse clicks. That's how long it took.

The call then continued for an hour and a half. It covered exactly what was in the written procedure, which took less than ten minutes to read. And basically the only new information in the whole thing were the three mouse clicks to get to the ordering screen. You know, the ones that turned 15 educated professional adults into first-graders who couldn't find their place in the reader.

Fearlessly the idiot faced the crowd.
I'm really glad I'm working from home this afternoon. If another call gets scheduled, I know where the vodka is.

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  1. So, a lot of my job involves using Webex with clueless folks. I feel you. I really, really feel you.


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