Friday, August 10, 2012

More Kickstarter Ideas

So I'm still considering doing a Kickstarter campaign. I'm thinking I should clarify my goals a bit, however.

"Send me this" does have a certain simple elegance.

What do you think of these? Some are big, some are small, but I feel all have merit.

Goal: $150,000
Purpose: So Beloved Spouse and I can each have our own house, which I feel will improve our relationship immensely.

Goal: $18,400
Purpose: So I can give $100 to everybody who follows me on Facebook (and if you're not one of them, aren't you sorry now? Nyah.)

Goal: $2,000
Purpose: So I can buy a bottle of decent vodka - maybe Grey Goose - every week for a year. Life is too short to drink cheap vodka. Also, I cherish the misguided notion that I write better drunk. So really, this is for you, people.

Purpose: So I can buy this fancy-schmancy copper and brass fondue set on eBay.

Because I deserve better than melting cheese in an ordinary saucepan, dammit.

Goal: $199.95
Purpose: While we're on eBay, let's not turn down the opportunity for me to own this original artwork being sold by its creator, titled "Ugly Piece of Sh*&."

I'm not sure if the title is meant ironically, so I may need another Kickstarter campaign for some art appreciation classes. Maybe in Paris.

I feel that all of these ideas are in keeping with my aim of soliciting funds for selfish, frivolous, and insignificant purposes. Of course, I welcome any ideas you may have. Just remember that they should involve you sending me money via Kickstarter, and me laughing all the way to the bank.

Because I don't write this blog for profit, but for joy. And nothing would give me more joy than making a profit off this blog.

See what I did there?

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