Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Am Snarkacus

One of my favorite websites on teh whole Internets is The Comics Curmudgeon. Because I'm a huge nerd.

If I were a cartoon character,
I would be Marcie.
I also love it because creator Josh Fruhlinger is brilliant. And because the folks who leave hundreds of comments on each day's post are funny, smart, generous, interesting, and unabashedly love the funnies. It's virtually a troll-free zone, and it's the rare destination on the Web that can say that.

I hate trolls.
 I regularly comment on The Comics Curmudgeon under the nom de blog Esther Blodgett. Because there are an awful lot of damn people living inside my head.

Also because I loveloveLOVE A Star Is Born.
Go watch it. Now.
One of the most coveted rewards of being a 'Mudgeon is having one of your snarky comics comments being named Comment of the Week. I told you we were nerds. But believe me, given the laugh-out-loud hilarity of some of the regular commenters, it's a big deal to have Josh name you the funniest thing he read that week.

I've been reading and commenting on The Comics Curmudgeon for several years, but have never been anointed COTW, although I've ridden the float of runners-up a few times, which is also incredibly cool.

People throw beads and candy bars and everything.
 This week, as you may know if you read any of my sad, self-indulgent rants, has been pretty bad for me.

Let's face, it, I've been a
10-piece bucket of crazy.
And then yesterday I surfed over to The Comics Curmudgeon and found this:

You like me! Right now, you like me!
 Yeah, it's kind of cheesy that this made my day. But it totally did, no lie. (I realize that if you don't follow "Judge Parker" in the comics, my comment makes absolutely no freaking sense, let alone seems funny. But Josh liked it, and frankly, if you're not a comics dork, his opinion trumps yours in this matter.)

Thanks to Josh and my fellow 'Mudgeons for this honor that means way more than it should to any sane person but we're talking me about me so yeah. And if you're a lover of comics of high-quality snark, please go support The Comics Curmudgeon at

But not if you're a troll. I hate trolls.

Not trolls.
 But I love when the universe drops some love on me when I need it most. Thanks, universe. I needed that.


  1. Congrats! Well deserved COTW.

    // Love your flag counter widget.

  2. Kudos! Maybe I'll be top dog (or top cat, or top bat), but seeing the Greats of CC (like you! really!) up there throwing KFC to the crowd is pretty nifty!

  3. I wondered why you were throwing fried chicken.

  4. Congrats! (funny blog, too!)

  5. Oh, Esther - please show up at Superior Court on Tuesday.

    You've been served.


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