Monday, July 2, 2012

Here Are Two Factoids

Factoid #1:

If I could - if I had the resources and the clout to do it - I would buy up every copy of the Eagles' "Peaceful Easy Feeling" in existence. Every vinyl record, cassette, and CD that contained the song. Every digital file. The original master tape. Concert bootlegs. Sheet music. Wedding videos. Karaoke backing tracks. The works.

And I would destroy them all.

Don't try to stop me.
Then I would find Jack Tempchin and spank him for writing such a terrible song. And I'd also spank Glenn Frey for singing it so badly, and Bernie Leadon and Randy Meisner for singing the harmony parts. And I'd totally kick Don Henley's ass, although to be honest he deserves an ass-kicking just for being Don Henley.

I want this. Oh I want it so badly.
I'd make everyone in the entire world promise never to sing "Peaceful Easy Feeling" again. And anyone who broke their promise would be eaten by sharks. Angry sharks. With halitosis.

Stop that singing! That's it, you're so lunch.
Factoid #2:

I did not take my Prozac this morning.

These items are completely unrelated.

Why do you ask?


  1. South Side ShellyJuly 2, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    I f@cking hate the Eagles, and I'll admit that to anyone.

  2. I'm singing "Peaceful Easy Feeling" right this moment. :-P


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