Saturday, June 30, 2012

Get Yer Turtle Butts Here

I was just looking at my blog stats, and I saw that someone had arrived here as a result of the Google search term "turtle butt."

I do not wish to know why someone was searching for that particular result. What happens on teh Internets stays on teh Internets. Also in your cache if you don't clear it regularly. Word to the wise.

Picture unrelated, but kind of not.
 Anyway, I thought I'd try it. I image-Googled "turtle butt." And sure enough, it takes you to this picture:

Although I don't really see any turtle butts here.
But then, I'm not sure I'd recognize one if I saw it.
 Which is from this recent post. Which, by the way, is about economic recovery and totally not about turtles having sex. Although it does possibly use the phrase "functional reptile anatomy." It's all part of a coherent argument about fiscal policy, I assure you.

Everything is interrelated. Dude.
 I hope the person who landed at Always Drunk via turtle butts was not disappointed, although I assume he/she was. Despite Google's best efforts, there are no turtle butts to be found here.

Unless you count this.
And you absolutely should.
 Still, I suppose it's good to know that if you ever forget the URL to this blog, you can still get here via the back door - uh, as it were - by Googling "turtle butt."

Or you could, I don't know, put it in your favorites or "like" it on Facebook or follow it on Twitter or something. But if turtle butts are the only way to get you here, I'm OK with that.

I aim to please, you sick bastards.
 I just don't want to know why.

I am so going to clear my cache now.

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