Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Healthy Disagreement?

From Texas Governor Rick "Jesus, I'm an Idiot" Perry's interview with Fox News on Monday, July 9:

"Every Texan has health care in this state. From the standpoint of having access to health care, every Texan has that."

From a headline article in the Houston Chronicle, Thursday, July 5:

"Texas ranked dead last in the federal government's latest report card on the delivery of health services, falling short in areas ranging from acute hospital care to home treatment of the chronically ill. Texas scored 31.61 -- less than half of top-ranked Minnesota's 67.31 -- out of a possible 100 points in the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality annual rankings. Rated 'weak' or 'very weak' in nine of 12 health delivery categories, Texas dropped from 47th place in 2010 to 51st in 2011, behind all other states and Washington, D.C."

Really, Gov. Perry?

Texas truly does have many world-class doctors and medical facilities, by the way. Gov. Perry is correct when he says the state is a "magnet" for people around the world seeking top-notch health care. Anyone with enough cash or the right insurance can get it here.

The problem is, if you live in Texas and you're not one of those people, the state of Texas has no interest in helping you afford or access health care. Gov. Perry says that states can best decide how to provide health care to their citizens. But Dick Perry has decided that setting up a federally mandated insurance exchange and accepting a 100% increase in Medicaid funding are not good ways. In his place he suggests...

...uh, he suggests...

...well, he doesn't suggest anything besides shaming women who seek abortions and withholding state funding from medical facilities that provide them.

The face of compassionate conservatism in Texas.
Oh, and he says the federal government "doesn't like Texas."

And that the most pressing issue in the health care crisis is "freedom."

These uninsured people are free to sit in the
emergency room waiting area as long as they want.
I understand that the health care law is complex and full of difficult compromises. It's flawed, it's expensive, and I don't agree with significant parts of it. Gov. Perry, I know that providing access to quality medical care to the citizens of your state is a daunting task, filled with challenges both practical and political. I get it.

So will you please stop spewing right-wing anti-Obama hate speech on television and actually give the issue some thought?

A lot of us would appreciate that.

Let us know when you've got something. Until then...ssssshhhhhh.

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