Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Love Story for Word Geeks

I call you Bread, because I knead you.

You call me Broken Mug, because you can't get a handle on me.

I call you Apple Cart, because I don't want to upset you.

You call me Malpractice, because I don't treat you well.

I call you San Andreas, because it's not your fault.

You call me Unemployed Perfumer, because I don't make scents.

I call you Boomerang, because you keep coming back.

You call me Rubik's Cube, because you can't figure me out.

I call you Nothing, because nothing feels good.

You call me Preserves, because you can.

I call you East Berlin, because you're hard to leave.

You call me Temper, because you don't want to lose me.

I call you Credit Card, because I owe you so much.

You call me Student Loan, because you forgive me.

I call you Vodka, because I really, really, really love you.

A lot.


  1. But student loans can't be forgiven... even in bankruptcy... just saying...

  2. @Chris Really? I didn't know that. That's what I get for getting through school the old fashioned way (sponging off my parents). So what would be better for "forgiven"?


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