Thursday, June 14, 2012

You Asked for It

I try to write clever commentaries on religion and politics.

I try to relate funny stories about my family and friends.

I try to entertain, amuse, inform, and enlighten in this, my tiny little corner of the Inernet.

But you people want penises.

Ohhhh myyyyy.
Because when I write a post about how I'm not going to write a post about penises, your response is "But...penises?"

That's a lovin' spoonful right there. Apparently.
So my next post is going to be all about penises.

You asked for it.

You're gonna get it.

Avert your eyes if you must.
As my friend Riley's Mom said, maybe this is just what I need to launch myself to fame and fortune. It worked for that Fifty Shades of Grey lady.

So stand back, tomorrow I'm going to unleash this thing.

Spread the word.

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