Friday, June 22, 2012

Got Milk? That's a Touchy Subject Right Now

Let's say you live with someone.

Someone who is not actually a cow.
This is important.
Maybe this someone is a roommate, or a live-in significant other, or a family member. Or a spouse, even. Sure, why not? What matters is that you, an able-bodied adult, share living space with another able-bodied adult.

For simplicity, I'm going to refer to this person as "roomie."

First name, Mush.
Now, let's say that you drink the last of the community milk for breakfast.


Do you:

a) Stop and buy milk on your way home from work that day

b) Ask your roomie to stop and buy milk on his/her way home from work that day

c) Pop out to the store the next time you want milk and realize there isn't any

d) Spend the next two days whining about how someone drank the last of the milk and no one has bought any more yet

Take your time. Think about it.
Remember, you drank the last of the milk. Come to think of it, you drank most of the milk.

Or you did something with it, God knows.
And neither you nor roomie is actually a cow, so there is no fresh milk on tap.

Give up?

Yeah, me too. I give up.

Got milk? Sure, I've got it. Because I went out and got it.

It wasn't easy, but I found a place that carried it.

So. Yeah. And if you don't live with someone, I have just one thing to ask...

How does the new milk get into the house after you drink it all? Must be magic.

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