Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"H" is For Haiti, Hunger, and Hahahaha

Precocious Daughter has been working on a school project for several weeks, and tomorrow she and all of her little middle school homies will be displaying their work in a big communal fair-type thing. Whose name I would know if I paid more attention. But I'm a terrible mother and not a particularly good person. Ask anyone in the PTA, which as an organization is split between resenting my persistent lack of involvement in it and relieved that I stay the hell away from it.

Always keeping in mind that "terrible mother" is a highly relative term.
Anyway, PDaughter has been studying Habitat for Humanity, and in particular the work they've done in Haiti since the 2010 earthquake.

God bless Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter, but they look as if
they could use a little work themselves.
She's put together a really cool board with information about HH and the earthquake. As usual, way better than anything I ever made in school. I know we all want our children to do better than we did, but she's really starting to rub my nose in it. Damn beautiful, smart, athletic, talented, artistic kid. Harrumph.

But I digress.

So for the fair, she's supposed to bring a dish that represents the country she's been studying.

A dish that represents Haiti? I said. How about this?

Read: Empty.
See, because there are a lot of hungry people in Haiti, and... It's a joke! Yeah, she didn't think it was very funny, either. I got a eye roll and a sigh.

Because in addition to being beautiful, smart, athletic, talented, and artistic, PDaughter is also sensitive.

Whatevs. I'm holding the bad mom card and I'm not afraid to use it.

I got like 500,000 of these printed up.
Anyway, tonight I'm making Haitian Rice Pudding. I think my idea was funnier, but I'm not sensitive.

At least I get some tasty rice pudding out of the deal. Good thing she didn't study Germany. I don't love my child enough to make sauerkraut and boiled potatoes for her.


Really, I don't.

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