Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I F*cking Love Grammar

Bestest Friend got me the Bestest Birthday Present Ever.

Hmm...OK. Maybe second bestest.
Because she knows me and loves me better'n anybody, she got me...a book about grammar.

Why no, Mr. Are You F*cking Kidding Me Internet Meme Face, I'm not a complete Loser of Dorkylon. Because Bestest Friend got me this:

This is my new favorite book in the world. Sorry, J.D. Salinger's Nine Stories.

The Elements of F*cking Style is an honest-to-goodness, impeccably correct book about proper English grammar and composition. But about 149 million times better, because it's written by two geniuses/smartasses who know that the key to remembering rules of grammar is providing memorable examples of same. Or, as Chris Baker and Jacob Hansen put it themselves, "the aim of this book [is] to guide you through the painful world of English grammar and style by using sex, drugs, and fucking swearing. Why? Because we're into that shit."

Thus the concept of the parenthetical comma is illustrated with the following: "My date, who had seemed listless and uninterested through dinner, perked up as soon as I broke out the cocaine."

And the section of the book devoted to avoiding indefinite statements is titled "The positive form beats the shit out of wishy-washy writing."

Yes, Mr. Awesome Internet Meme Face,
they are awesome.
This is important: These guys aren't just a couple of douchebags making fun of grammar books. They know their shit. So you can actually learn said shit while laughing your butt off. And if you're already a complete grammar nerd, like yours truly, you can laugh your butt off in a knowing, insidery manner. Which makes being a complete grammar nerd totally worthwhile.

My world is good.
So yeah, check out The Elements of F*cking Style. You can buy it on your Amazon.com or at your local touchy-feely local bookstore co-op. Or maybe you'll be lucky enough to receive it as a gift from someone you love.

Proper English is important, dammit.
Thanks, Bestest Friend! Your the best!

(see what I...never mind)

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