Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I Did NOT Need to Know This

Today, thanks to a LivingSocial deal in my e-mail, I learned something new and, um, different.
Today I learned what Brazilian sugaring is.
Ha ha, no.
Shows you what I know.
"Sugaring" refers to sugaring wax, a depiliatory paste made of water, lemon juice, and cane sugar.

In other words, lemonade concentrate.
And "Brazilian," in the world of cosmetology, refers to the hoo-hah.

If you watched "Camp Lazlo" on Cartoon Network,
this makes perfect sense. But that's not
what I'm talking about, and you know it.
Brazilian sugaring, therefore, is the process of removing all the hair from the girly parts by smearing it with lemonade concentrate.
I know, right?
And apparently places that do this kind of thing charge $50-100 for it.
Because there's one born every minute.
And I'll bet the yellow one is lemon-flavored.
I did not need to know this existed as a service. The worst part is, I can't help thinking this is just a terrible business model. I mean, don't you think there are people who would pay $100 to smear lemon paste on a woman's hoo-hah?
He's thinking about it right now.
Anyway, if you want to have lemonade concentrate rubbed on your lady area for half price, there's a Living Social deal for that. It's a bargain, I guess. But for that price, it should come with a hot dog.


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