Thursday, March 29, 2012

And Now, A Word About Corn

"Corn" is a funny word.

Also, "Sweet yellow corn!" is a great exclamation.
Sounds like something Perry White would say.
So it stands to reason that a comic strip about a giant walking, talking ear of corn would be...uh,  terrifying and loathsome. No! No, it would be funny. Funny like corn.

This, on the other hand, is pretty terrifying.
I'll bet those signs all say some variation of "Help me."
Look, the point is, my friend Michael writes and draws a web comic called "The Amaizing Jim Corn." Get it? A-maize-ing? It's what the Indians call corn, or did before we took away their land and destroyed their way of life.

And gave their parts in PSAs to Italians.
"The Amaizing Jim Corn" relates the adventures of Derek Farmer and his best friend, the titular humanoid vegetable.

All the best cartoon characters wear gloves.
Jim himself has been known to sport a popcorn Afro,
although that's a less common trope.
Just like real corn, the comic is sweet and gets stuck in your teeth. Wait. No. Well, it is sweet sometimes, and sometimes a little naughty, and at times quite surreal. Of course, if you're reading a comic strip about a wisecracking ear of corn and expecting hyper-realism, perhaps you need therapy even more than I do, as unlikely as that seems.

Please give me whatever drugs will remove this from my brain.
Oh yeah, it also makes me laugh. A lot. Which is why I wanted to tell you about it. You like to laugh, don't you? Of course, you're reading this blog, so maybe you just like to stare at your computer screen with glazed, uncomprehending eyes. Well, you can do that at just as well as here.

Hmmm. When I told Michael I'd be giving "The Amaizing Jim Corn" a shout-out in my blog, he probably expected something marginally less disjointed and inscrutable than this.

Like this.
Well, shame on him for poor expectations management.

And SHAME ON YOU if you don't go check out "The Amaizing Jim Corn." Oh, he has his own Facebook page, too. OH, and Michael hasn't actually produced a new Jim Corn comic in several weeks now, so in addition to giving him some well-deserved exposure, I kind of also want to needle him into getting on the cob and drawing some new installments.

C'mon, Drunkards. I have readers from more than 100 countries, some of whom actually come here on purpose and not as a result of Googling "fork porn." Aside: "fork porn" actually turned up in my stats yesterday as a search metric. You people are sick.

Still...give the people what they want, I always say.
Did I mention that Jim's neighbor is a grumpy giant pig? What more do you want? Go read it, now. Tell 'em Chuck Baudelaire sent you.

Hee hee hee...corn.

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