Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Missing Davy Jones

My tambourine is at half-mast today.

I honest to God would have put money on Peter Tork going before Davy Jones.

I feel so sad for Maureen McCormick, who has lost her pop-culture soulmate.

Of course, I feel sad for Davy's wife and his four daughters. But I mostly feel sad for me. Because even though he was my third-favorite Monkee, I loved Davy Jones.

Here he is in my favorite musical number from Head, the Monkees' masterpiece film that you've probably never seen unless you're a huge Monkees fan because it's incomprehensible pseueo-psychedelic twaddle. But it's awesome under the influence of the right chemicals, and "Daddy's Song" is pure Davy goodness.

I'll miss you, Davy Jones.

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