Saturday, January 21, 2012

Video Saturday: These Days

Oh holy cow, do I love Foo Fighters.

Holy freaking cow.
 Because Dave Grohl was clearly the one with all the talent in Nirvana. Yeah, I said it. And even if he weren't, hey, he's still around to cash in because he didn't have a hissy fit and punch his own ticket when he was 27.

RIP Kurt Cobain, shown here with the daughter to whom he said
"Fuck you" when she was 16 months old.
End rant. Back to Foo Fighters. This band gets it. Gets rock, gets musicianship, gets making albums that sound like albums and not individual data packets meant to be downloaded into some damn iPod. Their new album Wasting Light is amazing. Get it. What? Yes, you can download it, but you have to download all of it. There's a reason it's called AOR. Or used to be. Damn, I'm old. But you know what? Dave Grohl turned 43 last weekend - happy belated birthday, man. He's my age, and he rocks.

And he's hot. I mean, Dave Grohl is hot. Wow.

Anyway, their latest single is "These Days," and I love it. And because Foo Fighters is a band that sounds kick-ass live, here's a live performance of it. Also, because it's such an amazing performance overall, I'll forgive that Dave is a little flat on the verses. Also because he's hot. Yeah.

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