Monday, January 30, 2012

Five Funny Things Monday

I need a good laugh.

Or an evil laugh.
I'm not particular.
The point is, I went looking for some funny stuff. Because life isn't always funny. But it's better when it is.

So here are five things I thought were funny today.

#1 - Funny Thing: Celebrity Edition

This is Tom Cruise as he will appear in the movie version of the 80s-set musical Rock of Ages.

The tattoos are pretty hilarious, as is the rock-star O-face pose. But the funniest part is that if you look really close, you can see a little bit of fuzz just above the waist of his low-slung rock-star pants. 

Because the idea that this movie is being marketed to women people who might really want to see Tom Cruise's supra-pubes is funny.

#2 - Funny Thing: Reptile Edition

No one should smoke cigarettes. They're expensive, unhealthy, and they make you smell nasty. But they make you look way cool, so what are you going to do? I mean, check out this hot scaly dude right up here. He. Is. Awesome. I think I'm in love with this bad boy. Hey, baby, need a light? Smoking snake = funny.

#3 - Funny Thing: Lolcat Edition

Everyone knows that saying "pew pew pew" as if you're holding a laser blaster is inherently amusing. Admit it, you've made this sound-effects noise and pretended to shoot aliens or space-rats or something. Yes, you have. You were probably drunk. But you weren't this cute, so you weren't this funny.

#4 - Funny Thing: Media Edition

This is very, very wrong. But every time I look at it I crack up. No, it's not racist - it would be just as funny if it were a white rapist who looked like a white newscaster. As someone should tell the bozos on Fox News, it ain't funny just because you're making fun of a black dude. But it is funny.

#5 - Funny Thing: Consumer Products Edition

The sheer exuberance of this item makes me smile. Here is a product that knows what it what was made to do and takes great pride in it.  I hope it was made in America, because I hate to think the Chinese have beaten us in the critical realm of Products That Self-Reference Their Own Effectiveness. Also, I have to find a way to work a similar tagline into my resume - "Experienced Office Manager: Great for Managing Offices!"

Yeah, just five things. There are probably more, but I want to pace myself. I'll probably need to laugh again later in the week.

And I don't have any weed.

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