Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy Happy Thought

I just had a crazy happy thought!

I've been stressing about this whole nine-days-and-counting-until-Thanksgiving-and-there's-no-carpet-in-my-dining-room-because-Beloved-Spouse-got-a-wild-hair-and-ripped-it-out-thing.

And now it looks like a naked mole rat.
 And I'm racking the old brain matter trying to come up with a workable solution to having an empty, naked front half of the house before my loved ones descend for Turkey Day. One that is fast, cheap, attractive, and easy to implement. I could really use that obnoxious guy from HGTV who ambushes people and does wacky shit and designs them a gorgeous free room in three days right about now.

Yeah, Todd Davis, that's the guy.
 Then it occurs to me: I can do this. I can so do this. Even if I can't, I can, because I've decided that I'm not going to let reality interfere with remedying this intensely bizarre situation.

But here's the crazy happy thing: This is an opportunity to finally design and decorate this room, which I've been wanting to do for five years. This is a chance to introduce the ultimate design element:

Monkey art.

Like "Before the Monkey Duel," by Edmund Bristow. Hell, yeah.
 The unifying theme of my formal living-dining room is going to be Mid-Century Modern Monkey Art. And if you don't think those two schools work together, you obviously haven't spent enough time in a locked room with me when I've had too much coffee and have been watching West Side Story.

Creativity tastes like boysenberries, did you know that?
 Now, I have no illusions that I can completely transform this room before Thanksgiving. Frankly, I expect that my guests will be too horrified by my cooking to even notice whether there's carpet, paint, or fresh hay on the floor. But I am now totally inspired and looking foward to the challenge of building a design out of modern-contemporary furniture pieces and framed prints of monkeys wearing clothes.

Hop on board or get outta my way.
This is going to be amazing. Way better than my Thanksgiving dinner, anyway. I hope Big Sis brings some sides. And some chairs. I'm going to need some of those, too. Yeah.

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