Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cop-out Feelin' Bad Funny Video Post

I'm off my feed today. Not sick, just...not well. OK IT'S A FEMALE THING. Sheesh.

See, that's just hormones walking and talking. Not me. For real.

Anyway, rather than do a real post about monkeys or candy bars or Governor Dick Perry or any of my favorite subjects, I'm going to blow it off claim blogger's prerogative today. Tomorrow will be better. Or possibly worse! Either way, I'll be in a better frame of mind for writing. Everyone knows there's far more material in "awesome" and "terrible" than in "meh."

Which is why you don't see many blogs written by goats,
who are pretty much "meh" all the time.
 But so as not to leave my faithful readers hanging, here's the most entertaining video I've seen in days. What can I say, the GOP candidates are having an off week. Enjoy.

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