Saturday, October 1, 2011

Video Saturday: September

Yep, I'm totally a day late with this one.

Here are five reasons I love this video.

1. Earth, Wind and Fire is about the happiest band in the world. Look at these guys. They're having a freaking ball. I want to be a singing element, too, if it makes you have such a good time. Maybe Molybdenum.

2. Day-Glo metallic dashikis. Possibly the largest collection ever assembled on video.

3. Those great cheesy early-days-of-video visual effects. This clip is all about the streaming auras. That may not even be a visual effect - these guys are just having such a great time that ribbons of joy shoot out from them.

4. Horns. There are like 50 guys in the horn section, and they are tearing it up. You can't go wrong with a badass brass part. Apologies to the woodwind enthusiasts out there.

5. "September" is such a fantastic song. Anyone can sing it, because no one has any idea what the lyrics are. You can just bellow "O-li-o" and "Ba-da-di-da" and occasionally throw in the word "September" in a high falsetto, and you've nailed it. It helps to add the dance steps, too, to distract people from trying to read your lips.

Have a happy Saturday, and a great October. If you think of any good October-themed songs, let me know. Until then, I'll be grooving to "September."

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