Saturday, October 15, 2011

Video Saturday: Nine Times Blue

Some people say I'm obsessed with monkeys.

Who said that? Wait, I did? Well, OK, then.
 And some people say I'm obsessed with Monkees.

Only Mike. And Peter.
 So today's video clip is of one of my favorite Monkees songs, "Nine Times Blue." This is a pretty rare track that was written by Michael Nesmith and recorded after Peter Tork left the group. It sounds nothing like their earlier pop songs and everything like the highly regarded country-rock albums Nesmith would put out in the 70s. Fittingly, this video is from the Monkees' appearance on "The Johnny Cash Show" in 1969. So there's no Peter (sigh), but there is Micky Dolenz' gravity-defying hippie-afro.

This one goes out to Drummer Boy.


  1. Mickey is by far the best... :D

  2. I always go for the dark horse...George is my favorite Beatle, too. :)


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