Sunday, October 30, 2011

I've Been Taking the Title of This Blog Literally for a Few Days

Biscuits and gravy are excellent for a hangover.

I haven't got any.

Biscuits and gravy, I mean. The hangover is here in force.

This week has been a perfect storm. The parents visiting, which is wonderful but always guarantees that I revert to immaturity. The Rangers losing the World Series in jaw-dropping, heart-breaking fashion that required commiseratory indulgence. The return of Drummer Boy, which has been a cause for much celebration but also some other mixed-up shit that I don't want to talk about so I shouldn't have brought it up but I did because I'm not thinking straight.

Anyway, I've been taking the titular words of Mr. Baudelaire rather at face value. I think I'm done now. Time to read some poetry and practice some virtue, because drunk is covered. Check it off the list. Put the empties in the recycle bin (which I did this morning - it took a while and made me feel way freaking environmentally responsible to be keeping all those bottles and cans out of the landfill. So there's some virtue for you.) Drink plenty of non-alcoholic fluids. Stop shaking.

I'm not actually much of a party girl. I'm an introverted geeky loner who prefers to keep company with a few well-chosen loved ones and indulge quietly and privately. So to have a solid week built around sports and family and friends and near-constant drinking is an aberration, a disruption in routine. It's been a blast, but I've never been more grateful to have a shell to crawl back into. Back into which to crawl. No, see, I've still got to work on those awkward prepositional phrases. But I digress. I'm pretty sure at one point last night that phrase was found to be hilarious; I'm a bit fuzzy on the details. But I digress.

Back to business now. The business of doing laundry and stocking the pantry with something other than party foods and buying candy for tomorrow's trick-or-treaters. All of which will be much easier once I'm dried out. Unfortunately, all that stuff has got to be done today, and I'm not sure I'll be fully recovered until mid-week or so. Definitely not a party girl.

Of course, Bestest Friend is coming down next weekend for Metropolis. I'm going to stay sober for that visit. That's the thing about having a Bestest Friend - with her I don't need the crutch to be outgoing and engaged and witty. I can spill my guts to her about the perfect storms of the last week, and she'll spill her guts about her own storms (including the awful early-winter storm that hit her this weekend - she needs some kick-ass Texas fall weather right about now). I can't wait.

I didn't need any crutches this week. But I indulged in them anyway. It was soooo much fun. But now it's done. Everything but the hangover.

Damn, I wish I had some biscuits and gravy right now.


  1. I was at a gas station once, and they had this

    Instant biscuits and gravy at any time of the day or night.

  2. Srsly? Imma get one of those for my breakfast nook...


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