Sunday, September 25, 2011

An Unusually Selfish Request

I typically try to act in a selfless manner, thinking only of the benefits my actions can bring to others.

Yeah, that's total bullshit.

This weekend Beloved Spouse and I cleaned out the garage and literally filled our new Chevrolet Impala with bags of clothes, toys, and games to be donated to the local charity resale store. I don't hold garage sales because I'm exceptionally lazy, and besides I'd much rather someone benefit even a little bit from my no-longer-needed possessions than that I make a few pennies off them. Really, though, my altruism ends there.

So this is, you know, a totally and atypically self-centered message. Here it is: If you want to follow this little old blog, please remember that Always Drunk has a Facebook page. And if you click "Like" while you're there, you'll get an irritating little reminder every time I make a post here. You can click through to read it, or you can brush it off like a pesky mosquito, but you can't pretend you didn't know I was putting stuff out there.

I'm posting this ONLY because a couple of people have very kindly - and I mean it, your kindness is extreme and humbling and frankly quite baffling to me - asked me if I have a Facebook page for Always Drunk. So the answer is yes, and if you haven't already "Liked" me, I'm not offended because I'm used to people not liking me. But if for whatever strange reason you wouldn't mind adding me to your circle of sites you're not totally pissed off to get updates from, you can do that by going to and clicking "Like." And I'll never ask you again, except for the next time I ask you. Which probably won't be for a while because I'm such a modest sort.

OK. That's it. My next post will be about pumpkins or the Constitution or the strange little weiner dog I'm babysitting right now. Or something else. But not about how you can follow this blog by going to and clicking "Like." I swear.

And if you send an e-mail saying you "Liked" me to, I'll totally e-mail back and thank you. Because it's not as if I have so many damn fans that I can afford to ignore a single one of you. Try it. You'll see. You won't get this personal treatment later, when I have like a million fans. In 2234 or so. Act now.

And please frequent your local charity resale store. Those folks do such good work, you may get a cool bargain, and people living right in your community will benefit. That's way nicer than anything I'll ever do besides donating nine bags of clothes and such so some kid can go to school in decent clothes and maybe get a couple of nice toys to play with. Everybody wins. So thanks.

I'm going to play Chuzzle now. Good night, and remember:  Because I never ask you people for anything.

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