Monday, September 12, 2011

Mark Your German Expressionist-Loving Calendars!

Here we go, people!

As I previously babbled about, the 1984 Giorgio Moroder version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis is FINALLY being released on DVD and will have a limited theatrical release to celebrate the awesomeness of that event.

The four greatest words I've heard in a long time.
Much better than "Tony Romo, you idiot."
And now I can confirm that the Inwood Theatre, one of my favorite places in all of Dallas, will be hosting the film on November 4 and 5. Midnight showings, baby!

Sound the alarm!

Everybody dance!
 On Saturday I watched the restored version of Metropolis at home. Not the completely restored version, but the version that was considered the most complete version in 2002 before they found the complete version that they released in 2010. Uh, here, Turner Classic Movies does a better job of explaining that.

The point is, the DVD I watched this weekend was amazing, even though it was the 127-minute almost-complete version rather than the 153-minute epic reconstruction that I still am champing at the bit to watch. The restoration of the film itself was a thing of beauty. It's hard to believe this movie was made 84 years ago - it looks that good. Of course, it helps that the cinematography and special effects were years ahead of their time. (The man behind the camera was Karl Freund, who also shot classics like The Last Man and Dracula, directed the Boris Karloff classic The Mummy, and devised the cinematography for "I Love Lucy," which invented the look of the three-camera TV sitcom and still looks beautiful 60 years later.)

As excited as I am to see the Moroder version again, I have to say the original Metropolis score by Gottfried Huppertz is masterful. It does exactly what a film score is supposed to do: guide the narrative and support the mood without assaulting the senses. Plus it's got a good beat and it's easy to dance to. I give it an 85, Dick.

Put your hands in the air!
 So yeah, I'm a little pumped up to see the Moroder Metropolis on the big screen again. Who's with me? Midnight at the Inwood Theatre, great movie, and synthesizers. It will be bitchin'.

Everyone is welcome!
 Hey, if you don't already like me on Facebook, go do that thing. I'll set up an event. It'll be event! Although frankly, I'll be glued to the screen even if I'm the only one in the theatre. Well, me and Bestest Friend, who has promised to come and who will be hounded to her grave if she doesn't.

Did I mention the Inwood has a bar?

Best. Movie night. Ever.

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