Sunday, August 7, 2011

Snapshots from The Response

Well, yesterday was Gov. Rick Perry's big come-to-Jesus shindig in Houston. The Response (official motto: "Answering a question nobody actually asked") drew 30,000 people to Reliant Stadium. This figure blew away pre-event attendance estimates of seven to eight thousand, based on the number of people who registered in advance. Which means there were 23,000 gate-crashers for Jesus. I can conclude only one thing: Gate Crashers for Jesus would make an awesome band name.

Since I didn't attend the event - because I believe Matthew 6 is on to something - I followed news accounts throughout the day yesterday. Well, I looked online a couple of times between games of Chuzzle. Then this morning I saw that The Dallas Morning News did a thorough and balanced report of the proceedings. So I don't have to. Instead I can write my own captions for the photos they published. Thank you, journalism, for freeing me from the bonds of objectivity and good taste.

The Response was inclusive, non-partisan, and didn't let
these people anywhere near the front door.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback warms up the crowd
with his Gilbert Gottfried impression.

The representative from the Church of Gypsies for Davy Jones
 didn't let her run-in with event security dampen her faith.

A contingency from Westboro Baptist Church was on hand
to provide a liberal counterpoint.

In one of the day's many crowd-pleasing highlights, Texas Gov.
Rick Perry prepares to break a board with his head for God.

This young worshiper was the recipient of the Miracle of Carrots in the Ears.

A participant reacts to learning that Dumbledore dies at the end of
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

The view from the Liberal Democrat section.

Gov. Perry attempts the high harmony part on "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling,"
for reasons not fully understood.

God smites an attendee for violating the event's strict
"no dirty hippies in flip-flops" dress code.

Gov. Perry gets verklempt for Jesus.

As a Catholic, I have to assume that this woman is engaged in Protestant prayer
and not fending off an attack by surprise guest witness Mothra.

"...and in conclusion, Lord, help us all be like little Fonzies.

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