Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thinking About Rain

I really want it to rain.

More than 90% of Texas is in severe drought, and even though it's not quite so bad here in the Dallas area, it's been far too hot and far too dry.

My favorite priest used to say we shouldn't pray for rain, as God always makes it rain in its season. So I won't pray. But I might sing.

Right now we're stuck in a 100-plus-degree weather pattern. Every damn day. And guess what, people? It's not a dry heat. And anyway, a dry heat just means that 100 degrees feels like 100 degrees instead of 110. That's like someone asking if you'd rather have 100 billion dollars or 110 billion. Whatever, you know?

I'd like to see some flowers blooming. I'd like my trees to look lush and perky instead of dry and sad. I'd like to not be able to walk across the creek behind my house without ever touching water.

What I'd really love is a nice long rainy day, the kind that keeps you inside and makes the water run off the edge of the roof and the air smell clean. No hail, no tornado warnings, just lots of rain, with enough thunder to make you snuggle deeper into the couch and be glad you're inside.

That might happen...eventually. Until then, I'll just think about rain. And listen to songs about rain. Maybe after I've gotten through all of them, a nice storm will roll in.

If you've had too much rain, I wish you sunny days. But if you're like me and baking in a hot dry oven...I wish you rain. Wonderful rain.

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