Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Little Van Gogh for a Sunday Evening

Precocious Daughter and I were in the car yesterday, and the song "Vincent" by Don McLean came on the radio. I love this song, and I hadn't heard it in quite a while. PDaughter had never heard it, but she does know who Vincent Van Gogh was and pretty quickly picked up that the song is about him.

Van Gogh is just about my favorite artist ever. Ovation recently showed a three-part documentary called "Vincent: The Full Story," which is a remarkable telling of his brilliant and troubled life story (it was originally shown on Channel 4 in Britian). You can watch the entire program at the link above. Beloved Spouse and I watched it with PDaughter, and we were all captivated. Highly recommended viewing.

But back to "Vincent," the song. It came out after McLean's "American Pie" and of course wasn't nearly as big a hit. I think it's the best song he ever wrote. So I went to YouTube to find a video of it to post here. I found this really nice tribute to Van Gogh and his art, set to the song. My thanks to Adam Burns, who created the video. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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