Thursday, June 16, 2011

Herobuilders Does It Again

Earlier this year I alerted you to the new line of action figures from Herobuilders. They included Mayhem, the Allstate spokesperson; Dos Equis' Most Interesting Man in the World; and the Old Spice Guy, who could be ordered in regular and anatomically correct versions. I love this company.

Now they've released a new product, ripped from today's talk-show monologues: the Anthony Weiner Action Figure. I am so not kidding.

His shorts say "Tweet this!"
Just like his real shorts.
Like the Old Spice Guy, Rep. Weiner also comes in smooth-groined and Twitter-ready varieties. You pay ten dollars more for the latter, but hell, who wouldn't? You can also add an optional scale-model BlackBerry. I'm not sure whether a tiny pair of gray briefs is included. If not, I would totally sew some myself.

Here's the tiny little pattern I would use.
The little Weiner - the doll, I mean - is a pretty decent likeness of Rep. Petertweeter. His expression is a bit carefree, however. It must have been modeled from a photo taken before June 1. Of course everyone wants their Barbies to look happy, but because the Congressman's face is so darn expressive of his inner psyche, I might have chosen a different photo to work from:

But I don't wanna live in the Malibu Dream House!
 By the way, Herobuilders also has a ton of other cool action figures, including Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Christine O'Donnell dressed as a witch. I love this company!

So go order yourself a Weiner with the works, if that's your thing. Me, I'll be looking at a real American hero:

That's right, the anatomically correct Joe Biden. They don't call him the Vice President for nothing. Rrrooowwwrrr.

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