Monday, May 2, 2011

Quick Ones

I'm taking a vacation day today, which ironically means that I don't have time to do much blogging.  I'm going to spend most of this "day off" chauffeuring people around in the pouring rain.  Fun!  I'd rather be ranting, but what can you do?  So here are a few quick bullet points until I can get back on my routine.
  • How cool is it that President Obama did his kick-ass roast at the White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday night having just given the order to go after bin Laden?  Props to him for not simply getting up and saying, "Suck it, haters, you don't even know the badassery I've unleashed."
  • I'm listening right now to a Pakistani official talking about how his country would have taken out bin Laden itself if we hadn't done it first.  Really.  Pakistan held the door open for us, otherwise it would have been in there first. Held it open for, uh, five years or so.  Yep.
  •  Still waiting to hear a statement from The Donald.
  •  As long as we're burying worthless pieces of shit at sea, can we add the master tapes of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA"?  I don't know why every signficant event in America has to be accompanied by this steaming bowl of hillbilly treacle.
  •  Now can I start packing full-size shampoo bottles in my carry-on?  If we didn't kill the leader of Al Qaidi for the right to keep and bear hair products on airplanes, then this war is not over.
Time to put on my driving cap.  Luv ya lots, America!

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