Friday, January 27, 2023

A Post with Teeth in It

Today's post is inspired by my friend and fellow blogger Allie Cat.

The other day on her IRL Facebook page, she mentioned in passing that she was given her wisdom teeth when she had them removed. You know, as a souvenir.

Take some home for your friends.

Sidebar: I am also in possession of my wisdom teeth. They're in the back of my mouth. My body also contains my tonsils, appendix, and other original equipment. I didn't come into this world with much, but I plan on leaving with all of it intact.

Anyhoo, Allie Cat's post got me thinking about teeth. Specifically, Precocious Daughter's teeth. More specifically, the fact that I have a box of her baby teeth. And it got me wondering: Is that weird?

I don't have all of them. Apparently we human types lose about 20 baby teeth en route to the 32 grownup choppers we all end up with. I have eight of PDaughter's (and yes, I had to pull out the box o' teeth to count them). This means that at some point I made a conscious decision to start keeping the teeth the Tooth Fairy retrieved from under her pillow. 

We're very close.

Why did I decide to start hoarding baby teeth instead of chucking them after trading them for a dollar? Why do I do anything?

Confidentially, PDaughter had terrible baby teeth. She got her father's teeth. I mean not literally, that would be grosser than keeping them in a box. Just dental health-wise. One of the baby teeth I kept has a silver crown on it. I vaguely remember that she somehow cracked a molar when she was a wee thing. Obviously there was no point in putting a fancy porcelain crown on a tooth that was destined to be ejected from her head, so the dentist gave her a pirate tooth. Come to think of it, it might be that I decided to save that particularly shiny specimen when it fell out and just collected them from that point forward.

Anyway, unlike Allie Cat, PDaughter was not given her wisdom teeth to keep when she had them out. But I do have several videos of her coming down from the laughing gas, which are an even better and far more hilarious keepsake. And less weird than a box of baby teeth.

But let's be clear. I'm keeping the box of teeth. Bite me.


  1. I wish I'd gotten my tonsils and appendix removed. Every sitcom with kids that I grew up watching had at least one tonsils and/or appendix-themed episode. I just figured it was a natural rite of passage. But they're still in me.
    However I do have at least one puppy tooth from all the dogs we've had so I'm in no position to call anyone weird for saving their child's baby teeth.

  2. Not weird at all...ask any mom. I've got most of my son's baby teeth - minus the one that he lost on the playground at daycare. We had to write a note to the Tooth Fairy for that one, she graciously accepted the note in lieu of the tooth.

  3. Not weird at all. Definitely more normal that asking to save my wisdom teeth. I received those grudgingly by the way, and I was already heavily laughing gassed when I asked. They were citing some OSHA policy, and I was fairly insistent. Even so, I was excited t get them, and very surprised. I still have them. For no reason.


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