Saturday, May 15, 2021


 As of this week, I'm fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Technically, I'm still in the "two weeks before the vaccine is fully effective" phase. But I've been jabbed twice.

My side effects were minimal. A sore arm both times. That's all. I feel fortunate.

Precocious Daughter also got her second jab this week. That makes me happy. Coincidentally, she finished up her junior year of college on the same day she got the shot, and I now have confidence that she'll be able to enjoy a mostly normal senior year. The last fifteen months or so have been tough on her, far more so than on me. In fact, the biggest hardship I've suffered as a result of the pandemic has been watching her struggle and not being able to provide much help.

As an aside, when I started writing this little blog PDaughter was just starting fourth grade, and now she's about to be a senior in college. I can't process that right now, other than to marvel at how much she's changed while I've merely transitioned from early middle-age to somewhat later middle-age.

Anyway, I'm not really writing about any of those things today. I'm just putting them down here so I can deal with them later.

In fact, I'm not really writing about anything today. I'm just making a list of things I might write about later. I'm giving myself permission to do that, because my concentration isn't great this morning. Maybe that's a side effect of the vaccine, after all. 

So here are some ideas I might flesh out later. Comments are welcome.

1. I bought some temporary wallpaper a couple of months ago in hopes of creating an accent wall in my apartment. I've been hesitant to put it up because it will likely be a comedy of errors. That could result in an entertaining post and a really crappy-looking accent wall. Is it worth it? Discuss.

2. I got a small raise at my IRL job this week. I earmarked most of it to increasing my 401(k) contribution. My life is just that dull. Also, this might allow me to retire nearly a month earlier than I originally planned. FML.

3. Last week I commented on one of Maureen McCormick's tweets, and she liked and replied to it. Marcia Brady, you guys. I plotzed. Also, the tweet I replied to featured one of the best gifs I've ever seen:

4. Have you seen those commercials featuring people who were born in 1996, saying that that was the last year comprehensive Internet regulations were passed? Those people are 25 years old and have never known life without the Internet. Meanwhile, 1996 was the year I established my first personal email account and created my first online presence, which eventually morphed into this very virtual rag you're reading now. For the record, I support updating those regulations, and also I am old.

5. Also, on the topic of adding to my apartment decor, I'd like to add to my collection of decorative bones. My last addition was a monkey skeleton (fake, but realistic). What should I get? Discuss.

6. My balcony-garden spinach is growing like gangbusters, thanks to a combination of sunny days and seasonal rainstorms. I'm still not posting pictures because I don't want to jinx it. But if I ever get to harvest any of it, I'll write 1,000 words on the joys of a really fine spinach salad.

7. Last but not least: I've achieved six months without drinking, but at the same time my sugar cravings have returned after a seven-year hiatus. I'm wondering if I should swap vices. Discuss.

And here's a random picture so my link will be more interesting:

(Photo by Oleg Doroshenko)


  1. Regarding temporary wall paper - go for it. The only real difficulty, I think, would be matching the prints at the seams.

  2. Who the hell is Maureen McC?

    In other news, I got fan mail from Russell Bonner Bentley, a former compatriot of yours who went to fight the Ukranazi coup regime in 2014. So there's that.

    As for the vaccines - there is no such thing as an effective vaccine against a coronavirus. Sorry to jab that bubble.

  3. Well... I'd pick sweets over alcohol any day- but that's always been true. I also need to lose an amount of weight that is so daunting, I won't even name a number. It's "only" double digits, but still a lot.


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