Saturday, April 18, 2020


Things are changing so fast.

On Thursday, Dallas County (where I live) decreed that we must wear "face coverings," i.e. masks whenever we go out in public.


I've been pretty good during this pandemic. I have.

I go to work every day because I'm employed by an essential business. I encounter fewer than 10 people a day. I go to the grocery store once a week. I haven't bought freaking toilet paper in more than a month.


But something about the face mask order just broke me.

Because face masks don't protect the assholes I encounter in the course of my *extremely limited* interaction with them.

They literally...marginally...protect other people from my random coughs, sneezes, and utterances of the words "thank you" and "stay six feet back, mofo."

(ASIDE: I totally got into it with some asshole who acted all offended at a retail store when I told them to get the fuck six feet away from me. Word to the wise: I will kick you in the real or imagined balls if you don't respect my social distance, fuckers.)


I was feeling so low, Drunkards. SO. LOW.

And then I got home and told Precocious Daughter about the masks order. And I asked her if she would be interested in going through my fabric stash to find material that we might use to make masks.


What would I do without this  20 yo wonderchild?

We've been making masks, you guys. She's my cutter and pinner, and I am chief sewer and assembler.

Ten hundred million thousand thanks to Tiana's Closet for providing the pattern and instructions we've been using. Seriously, guys, send her some love.

We now have masks to die for. (Pictures coming soon...promise.)

Just the act of sewing these things - maybe 15 minutes each, tops - has given me life, and hope, and has made me smile. Not bad for one little face mask.

I will live to see another day or week of this pandemic nonsense.

(If you want/need a mask, I'll soon post a link on my FB page to request one. Promise.)


  1. I have masks, obviously. I am wearing masks because it's illegal now to be out without them. I also know they're useless. And cloth masks like the ones you're making won't even keep out viruses that are, you know, smaller than the pores in the cloth. So, best of luck with that.

  2. In The Princess Bride when Westley explains to Fezzig that he's wearing a mask because it's "terribly comfortable" and adds, "In the future I think everyone will be wearing them" I had no idea he meant 2020.

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