Thursday, February 21, 2019

Farewell, Pete

You guys.

I've lost the love of my life.

I think Drummer Boy will be OK with me saying that. At least today.

Peter Tork - Monkee, musician, human being - has passed away.

I am beyond devastated, Drunkards.

Peter was a gifted multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter who found himself immortalized in a TV pop band. He got the part, or at least the audition, because he looked like Stephen Stills. This world is random and has a perverse sense of humor.

They're both gone.
In 2013, I was privileged to see Peter perform live at the Granada Theater in Dallas. I met him. He autographed my ticket.

He was the second best part of an amazing night.

The best part was sharing it with my dear friend BekS and my darling Drummer Boy.

They've both reached out to share our collective grief that this sweet, talented, gifted person has left us.

Peter was on my list - you know, that list of people your significant other knows and understands you would def sleep with if you had the chance. Hell, Peter basically was my list. Thing is, my ex-spouse was good with it, and Drummer Boy was good with it. Because...fucking Peter Tork. He was probably on their lists, as well. Peter was that kind of guy.

Oh, Peter. I'll forever remember your bassline on "Pleasant Valley Sunday" and your harpsichord on "The Girl That I Knew Somewhere" and your vocal on "Do I Have to Do This All Over Again." I'll remember your stellar solo work, most recently with Shoe Suede Blues.

And I'll forever remember meeting you and sharing a smile with you, and knowing that you were (or at least acted) as pleased to be seated next to me as I was to be seated next to you.

Rest in peace, sweet Peter. I hope you recognized a bare fraction of the love you made while you were here.

I miss you already.


  1. Gutted by this one as well. Even though I hid my love of the Monkees behind the Clash records and leather jacket these guys were pretty influential in my childhood thanks to reruns. Course I was traumatized when they fell to their deaths at one point and I think that was probably the moment when my brother explained special effects and all that. For the record I was like three years old... What was I doing watching the Monkees? Enjoying life I suppose.

  2. No idea who he was but relieved that *you* are still alive and capable of blogging.

  3. Something I knew but was reminded of this morning is that for a while Peter--we were never formally introduced but I don't think he'd mind me using his first name--worked as a high school teacher.
    I like to think he was fantastic at it and I would love to have been one of his students. And I'm going to stick with that belief because everything I've learned about what he was really like confirms that he was an all-around good guy.
    And I envy you seeing him live almost as much as I envy that paisley shirt he's wearing.


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