Thursday, October 18, 2018

This Could Be Its Own HGTV Show, Yes?

So when I was updating you guys on my status after ghosting you for three months, I neglected to include the status of my relationship with Drummer Boy.

So, yeah.

The status of my relationship with Drummer Boy is





Pffft, it's awesome.


Our particular love story has not always occupied the Awesome Zone. In fact, during my hiatus we faced a number of difficulties. Or...he faced a number of difficulties caused by me. Because I can be a pretty terrible person, and I don't deserve him. But we're stupid in love, and with Precocious Daughter matriculated and in college, we recognize that we're an important step closer to our happily ever after.

But I need your input on one particular issue we're facing.

It doesn't involve sex, so resume normal lung function.

Someday Drummer Boy and I will actually live under the same roof. It's not a thing right now, for various reasons. But one day I assume the stars will align in favor of us cohabitating, at which point we'll have a number of tough decisions to make.

Fortunately, we both drink the same soda, so that's a huge relief.

Zevia is the BEST. No aspartame, no caffeine, tons of flavors.
Pricey, but worth it if you only drink a couple of sodas a week.
(Not a paid advertisement, but I wouldn't turn it down.)

Anyway, right now we both live in the burbs of Dallas. Neither of us is a homeowner. I'm not sure I ever want to own a single-family home again. I don't dig the constant upkeep. I'm loving apartment living; I live in a particularly nice complex, and I pay for it, but it's totally worth it. If I were to define my dream home, my forever home, it would probably be a townhouse in a walkable part of the city.

Drummer Boy lives in the suburban home of his elderly parents, which is a beneficial arrangement for everyone. It's a much nicer house than either of us (together or separately) could ever hope to afford. His dream home is one with, in his words, "no one else around."

Urban townhouse vs. isolated compound.

Sense the tension?

I know we'll work it out. If anything, the chances of a couple of middle-aged divorced Gen Xers living anywhere by choice rather than necessity seem slim. When we get to live together, we'll go where the housing gods toss us.

But I'm interested to know if any of you have faced a similar challenge. Not necessarily with housing, but any situation where you and your SO had markedly different ideas about an important decision. How did you deal with it? Are you happy with the way it worked out?

Let me know in the comments, Drunkards.

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  1. Hey, I'm glad to hear things are going well for the two of you in general. I have lived in a rented townhouse in a walkable area of town for years, and it works well for me.

    I suck at compromise and relationships, though, and I've been single for years and years, so I'm no good there. Everybody who knows me is happier this way.


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